The Fair Is Set

We had our last board meeting before the fair last night.  It was well attended with at least 14 board members, teachers and supporters showing up.  We have 106 registered students for the fair and hope that most if not all will check-in Friday.  History has shown that we risk a drop off when the snow day is used like this year so we will have to keep our fingers crossed.  That is true also for the approximately 60 judges we have registered to support the fair.

Specifically what we are expecting is: 54 Senior Division Projects, 22 of which have chosen to be judged as Engineering projects and 28 as Science Projects, 51 Junior Division Projects, 17 Engineering and 34 Science.  The total number of registered projects is down by about 20% from last year.  The number of Junior Division projects usually significantly out numbers the Senior Division so I am personally worried about the future participation.

With all the new categories we could give 27 Senior Division and 26 Junior Division students the opportunity to compete in the Regional Fair: Prince George’s Area Science Fair(PGASF). That will cost the Board about $2000 of the money donated by our community.  The report on our finances shows we have the money.  However we never have enough money if we do as well as we can at PGASF as the four Senior Grand Award winners are given the expense paid opportunity to go to the International Science and Engineering Fair.  If the winners come from our fair we are expected to fund the expenses of the students, their projects and possibly two chaperone.  It is always a worrisome affaire.  We want our students to do the best but we have not the money if they do.  So if you or your organization can help please consider a donation to our all volunteer organization.  PGASF is scheduled for 18-19 March.


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