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Thank You for considering being a Judge.  The high point of the fair experience for most of the students is their judging interviews.

If you decide to be a judge you will be a category judge, special award judge or a grand award judge.  Understanding who is on the exhibition floor helps everyone work together.

The category judges have expertise in one of the science and engineering categories. They can judge in the Junior Division which comprises our Middle School students or the Senior Division which comprises our High School students.  The category judges determine first place through honorable mention in each category.  The projects judged superior in their category are invited to compete at the next level fair on the way to the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) held in Reno this year.  In addition first place category winners are then judged by the grand award judges.  In addition to Science and Engineering Fair ribbons and medals some organizations that cannot provide special award judges will use the category judging to award there awards which can include anything from certificates to scholarships. Category judging is considered the primary judging process.

The special award judges each have their own criteria which may be limited by categories or cover a single division or the entire fair.  Some special awards are sponsored by the Science and Engineering Fair but most as sponsored by professional, community, governmental and educational organizations.   Special award judges have a difficult time because they need to work around the category judging and grand award judging.  It is not unusual for special award judging to take as long as the category and grand award judging combined especially if the award covers the entire fair.  After the special awards are decided their winners; the names need to be given to the Science and Engineering Fair Awards Ceremony coordinator.  If it is not a Science and Engineering Fair sponsored award the organization sponsoring the award can present the awards or have the presented by the Science and Engineering Fair awards team.  Arrangements need to be made prior to development of the awards ceremony program.

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  1. Manny Picon

    Happy to volunteer at the 54th St. Mary’s County Science and Engineering Fair on Saturday, February 1, 2014.


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